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How we use Modern Dental Technology to make Same Day Crowns

What we Use Digital Technology to give Patients Same Day Crown?

Is it possible to get a dental crown in one day? Good news!! Yes, it is possible. Dental technology has been making remarkable advancements and now we can make and customize CEREC crowns in 1 day during the same appointment.

Restore your smile in 1 day;

Digital Dentistry Technology is creating metal-free, natural-looking crowns right at the dental office and it takes only an hour or two. That means you do not have to book another appointment and wear a temporary crown for a week or two until you get the crown which is made in the laboratory.
There are a few steps which are followed by our dental team for making of a one day crown:

Digital impression

The impression of the prepared tooth is taken by a scanner. It creates a 3D image of the tooth on the monitor without causing any discomfort to the patient, unlike alginate impression.


Once the impression is scanned our dental team works on the software to design the crown for each patient.


The patient chooses the material and shade of the crown they want. Our dentists will also grind the tooth if more preparation is needed.


The Finishing of one-day dental CEREC crowns happens at the end along with the cementing on the tooth. Our team has extensive experience in customizing and creating same day crown in our office!
One day crowns can be one of the best options for patients who cannot visit the dental office again and again.
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