Home Remedies For Toothache By Dentists Of Ontario London


Home Remedies For Toothache By Dentists Of Ontario London

Toothache is quite annoying and painful, especially at night. Being victimize with a toothache at night may cause difficulties in your sleep. Several causes lead to a toothache. Remedies for the toothache are available that might help you get rid of this painful disease. But below are the causes and home remedies for toothache by dentists of Ontario London.

Causes of Toothache

Toothache can be caused by something happening in your gums. As per the dentists of Ontario, London, the following are the causes of toothache.

Temporomandibular joint disorders

According to the expert dentists of Ontario, London, Temporomandibular joint disorder is a pain in the joint of your Jaw. That can negatively impact your teeth.


If you are not in the position of visiting your dental expert, try taking some medication to relieve pain. The medicine that the Ontario London Dentists suggest includes acetaminophen and ibuprofen. This is the quickest and simple home remedy for toothache at night. An individual should always take medicine with the dosage recommended by his dentist. If the problem is a sewer, then a visit must be paid to the dental expert to be sorted out on the initial bases.

Cold compress

If you are short of medication and your pain is causing you trouble, you must use a cold compress to relieve the pain. Ontario London dentists have recommended that one apply an ice bag wrapped in the towel on Jaw’s affected side. This will help in constricting the blood vessels in the specific area. That will reduce the pain and help the patient to fall asleep. Applying cold compress in the impacted area for 10-15 minutes in the evening is recommended by a number of expert dentists. If you still feel uncomfortable by this home remedy for toothache, do visit your doctor in case the pain is not letting you sleep.

Keep your head Elevated

Merging blood in the head might lead to more pain and inflammation. Elevating the head with extra one or two pillows may cause some relieve of the pain enough to have asleep. This method may suit some people.

Rinse With Salt Water

If you are feeling pain due to toothache, you must rinse your impacted place with salter water. This is the most common home remedy for toothache by dentists of Ontario, London. Saltwater is an antibacterial agent, and it helps in reducing inflammation. This results in protection of the damaged teeth from infection. Rinsing your mouth with salted water will also help remove the tiny food particles that are stuck in teeth or gums.

Hydrogen peroxide rinse

A severe infection that results due to poor oral health care is known as periodontitis. It might cause serious problems such as loose teeth in the socket, bleeding gums and soreness. Dentist of Ontario, London has recommended that if an individual rinses his mouth with hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, he will be saved from plaque and periodontitis. Expert dentists have suggested that people must dilute food grade hydrogen peroxide with equal parts of drinking water. Just swish this solution into the mouth and take it out, do not swallow it. Doctors have mentioned that this remedy is not helpful for young children, as there are possibilities that children might drink this solution and get themselves in danger.

Use of Peppermint Tea

Toothache pain can also be relieved by peppermint tea or sucking on peppermint tea bags to temporarily minimize the pain. Expert dentists have noted that peppermint tea is comprised of the antibacterial and antioxidant compound. Another ingredient in the peppermint is known as menthol, also contains numbing impact on the affected areas.


Eugenol is the vital compound available in Clove, can help in reducing the pain. There were trials conducted in 2015 about Clove’s results, indicating that the individuals who had used eugenol continuously after the extraction of their teeth, feel less inflammation and pain during the process of healing. Pros are assisting veterans in getting disability rating increase. The eugenol acts as an analgesic and numbs the affected area. To use the Clove for getting relief from toothache. Dip the ground cloves in the water and make a paste. Then apply the paste into your tooth or place it in an empty bag and put it into your mouth.
Expert Dentists of Ontario London have suggested that chewing one Clove and allowing it to place near the affected area will relieve the pain. These kind of home remedies for toothache are not indicated for the young children as they might swallow the cloves and get themselves in trouble.


A typical household remedy for getting relief from the tooth pain is using garlic. The garlic is helpful because Allicin, the main compound available in the garlic, contains a powerful antibacterial impact that helps kill the bacteria in the mouth, resulting in cavities, tooth pain, and other serious problems.
Expert dentists suggested that chewing a clove of garlic or using it with a team bag will help overcome the toothache pain. Doctors had advised that children must not perform this process and visit the doctor in severe pain.
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