Certified Dental Assistant


Jeri-Lea is one of our Certified Dental Assistants where she has been part of dental team since 2014!

Jeri-Lea first graduated from Fanshawe College in 1988 as a Certified Dental Assistant. Afterwards, in 2000, she upgraded to a Preventative Dental Assistant. In additional she then became a Certified Dental Assistant Level 2 in 2001.

Jeri-Lea plays a huge role at our dental clinic and office where she works closely with our dentists and helps with important dental procedures. She focuses on ensuring that our patients receive the best results and are comfortable.

She is very passionate about her job and she believes that the best part of her job is:

“I find it extremely rewarding when we turn a very nervous patient into actually enjoying when they have to come back.”

She wants patients to know that being a patient at our clinic is valuable because:
“We have all new technology & we are constantly upgrading to have the best for our patients.”

Jeri-Lea has many interests and hobbies to be sure to ask her about them which include:

“I love crafting & making personalized gifts. My other passion is for my pet rabbit. Wally is now just over 8 years old.”
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