How Can Laser Lip and Tongue Tie Revisions Help Improve Breastfeeding for Newborns?

Laser Lip And Tongue Tie Revisions

Are you having trouble breastfeeding newborn? Laser Lip and Tongue Tie Revisions may be the right solution for you!

Having a newborn baby is tough, and we know how difficult it can be for new mothers and parents who are trying their best to breastfeed and nurse their newborn baby. Lip and Tongue Tie on newborns can make it harder for mothers to breastfeed their babies and our dentists have been certified and specialize at providing laser lip and tongue tie revisions for newborn infants, babies and children. We have seen amazing results within minutes after the procedures where mothers who could not breastfeed due to a bad latch instantly were able to nurse their babies. We have also seen mothers who can breastfeed but are in discomfort and pain begin to breastfeed and nurse their babies without pain due to the lip and tongue tie revision.

Laser Treatment for Lip and Tongue Tie

The treatment for Lip and Tongue ties is simple and very quick. Our dentists use a Laser to reduce the pain and speed up the recovery and healing after the procedure.
We apply a numbing cream to the specific area that helps with comfort. Older children usually will suggest they felt no pain with the laser and infants will be more upset that their mouths are open. As parents you may choose to stay in the room or wait while our team gently performs this procedure.
The laser gently removes the frenulum tissue with very minimal bleeding and there is no need for stitches after. We recommend that you breastfeed, nurse or feed the infant right after the procedure, we will offer you a room to nurse your baby to make it easier for you.
After the procedure you will find that your child or infant will return back to normal within 24 hours and we will provide you with stretching exercises to perform to ensure the mouth heals properly.
We also work with many different lactation consultants so if you have questions we can guide you to a professional that will help you with nursing and breastfeeding your baby and answering your questions.

Read one of our patient’s reviews about her experience:

Very friendly staff, I felt comfortable right when I walked in. Dr. Loubani was very informative, talked me through the whole tongue tie procedure for my one week old baby. He did an amazing job and my baby was good after, did not fuss or show any discomfort. I highly recommend him.

Lip Tie And its Treatment

The portion of tissue behind your upper lip is known as frenulum. When these membranes are not accurate, they can keep the upper lip from moving freely. This condition is called a lip tie.
Treatments for lip ties and tongue ties are very similar. Tongue-tie with lip tie can make breastfeeding difficult for babies, and in some cases, cause babies to have trouble putting on weight. Lip tie revision are therapy methods that are usually attempted to loosen a lip tie and make babies feel relaxed while doing breastfeed.

Recommended Stretching Exercises:

Sliding your finger on the top of your baby’s lip area and practicing relaxing the gap between the lip and gumline can progressively improve the movement of your child’s lip.
There are several levels of lip tie such as Level 1 and Level 2 which are naturally left alone and do not need revision. If there’s a tongue tie as well as a lip tie together compromising your baby’s ability to feed, we will be able to help you know if a laser revision is needed for your child or infant.
Lip ties of level 3 or Level 4 may need a “frenectomy” procedure. We work closely with lactation consultants in London Ontario to ensure you get the best professional help as well as advice on how to improve your nursing experience for your infant.

Tongue-tie revisions

Tongue-tie revision or elimination is a method of releasing a small section of skin (the frenum) under the tongue and/or upper lip to permit for better range of motion. Children may have both conditions called a tongue-tie and lip-tie at the time of birth triggering restrictions in movement that can cause trouble with breastfeeding. This condition may also lead to other health problems like dental cavities, speech and airway difficulties, and digestive issues.
All these conditions are modified by a relatively quick and simple procedure performed with our laser. The laser disinfects the area as is discharging its energy and stimulates healing via bio-regeneration. Laser energy closes the blood vessels so there is slight or no bleeding. The procedure of tongue-tie laser surgery procedure takes about a few minutes.
Call us today and book your appointment to discuss how laser treatments may be an option for you and your child.
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