Taking Care of your teeth and awareness about Oral Cancer.


Taking Care of your teeth and awareness about Oral Cancer.

Oral care is necessary for every age group, as it can lead to severe teeth problems like Gingivitis, Cavities, Tooth Decay, Oral Cancer, and several Gum diseases. Our dentists at daher dental London Ontario have suggested that teeth check-ups should start at a young age and occur often and a proper diet are the basis are essential to get rid of teeth issues. Daher Dental Dentists in London Ontario what to discuss a few important dental issues you should know about!


Also known as bad breath, almost 85% of the people are suffering from the bad breath problem. The main reason of this problem is cavities, bacteria and the dry mouth. Therefore using a mouth wash will only cover the bad odor but it is not a proper cure. Our dentists at Daher Dental London Ontario have suggested that one should chew sugar-free gum sticks or hard candies to stimulate their saliva flow. Individuals must control the use of caffeine to get rid of dry mouth problem and try not to use the mouthwashes that contain alcohol. We also recommend to avoid smoking to reduce bad breath.

Tooth Decay

Cavities are also known as tooth decay and they are a common disease that is occurs often in many patients. Tooth Decay appears when the plaque forms which is a result of all the sugar gathering in your mouth from food that is not brushed off. This combination results in acid that impacts the tooth enamel. Our Dentists at Daher Dental London Ontario suggest that there is no certain age limit for this issue, as the individual can get cavities at any age. The cavities are the results of the tooth enamel’s eroding. We always recommend brushing your teeth and flossing on a daily basis as well as visiting your dentist on a frequent basis to avoid tooth decay and cavities.

Gum Diseases

Another severe oral health problem is known as periodontal disease, which is an infection in the gums. This is the main reason that often leads to tooth loss amongst adults. Several studies have mentioned that a close link has been found between heart problems and periodontal problems. There are several reasons for gum diseases and the main reason is smoking. Moreover, dry mouth can also cause gum diseases. What are some of the signs of gum disease? If you notice swollen tender, bleeding gums, and sensitivity of teeth these can be signs of gum disease. TThese problems can be prevented by brushing twice a day, flossing and regular check-ups with your dentists.

Oral Cancer

The main reasons for oral cancer are tobacco and alcohol consumption. The indications of this problem include sores or rough areas inside the mouth. Because of this disease, an individual might face problems in moving his/her mouth or chewing. Our dentists at daher dental london ontario always check our patients for any oral cancer or abnormalities. The procedure of examination for oral cancer includes an overall physical examination of the floor and roof of the mouth, back of the throat, and cheeks as well.

Oral cancer is based on 4 stages

As per the National Cancer Institute, the survival rate of five years from the oral cavity and pharynx cancers are as follows

Treatment of the Oral Cancer.


The oral cancer treatment usually requires surgery that is performed for the removal of tumor and lymph node, if it has been affected by the cancer.


Another option that helps in getting rid of oral cancer is radiation therapy. This process involves the doctor aiming the radiation beams toward the patient once or twice a day, depending on the requirement.


A treatment with drugs that are used to kill the cancer cells is known as Chemotherapy. This process can be effective in the early and advanced stages of cancer.
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