Worst Foods that you should avoid by Dentists of Ontario London


Worst Foods that you should avoid by Dentists of Ontario London

Everybody loves it smile, and you can smile in front of your loved ones when you have shiny white teeth. Therefore teeth protection is a must require a thing. If you want to have shiny teeth, you must take care of them by brushing twice a day and having a regular visit to your dentist, as suggested by the dentists of Ontario, London.
Ontario, London is renowned for its high-tech dental care facilities and qualified, experienced dentists. These experts have recommended that teeth protection relies on daily brushing and flossing, but most beverages can cause dental problems such as plaque. The disease called plaque is a serious problem that could negatively impact your gums and might lead to tooth decay. Therefore food plays a vital role in oral health. Some sugary snacks cause the bacteria to release the acid that could attack your tooth enamel. Cavities could occur if your enamel is broke down completely. Cavities are common diseases that every age group faces. This problem is observed very frequently in the age group from 6-19.
To prevent the plaque, the Ontario dentist has recommended staying away from the eight worst foods that could cause the problem to your oral health.

Below are the worst foods to avoid

Hard Candies

Everybody knows that candy is not good for the mouth. At the same time, the sour candy is comprised of acids that might cause sewer problems to your teeth. Due to their chewy nature, these candies stuck in your teeth for a longer period. Therefore the stuck candies might lead to tooth decay. Still, if you are craving some sweets, try your best to grab chocolate instead of sore hard candies so that you can chew these chocolates quickly and wash your teeth in a quicker time.


Bread is second on the list of 8 worst foods that can damage your teeth. Expert dentists of Ontario London says that when an individual eats bread. The saliva breaks the bread scratches into sugar. After that, these scratches transform into a gummy paste. The leftover scratches of the bread get stick in between your teeth. If you are up to having some bread, try to go for different and improved wheat alternatives. Because wheat has less sugar than the bread, this added sugar cannot break down easily.


Alcohol is not a health drink for every age group. If anyone drinks alcohol, his/her mouth gets dry out. When a mouth is dry, it lacks saliva. We need to have saliva in our mouth to keep it healthy. Saliva plays a vital role in oral health by preventing the food from sticking inside the mouth and washes the extra food particles. Saliva assists in repairing the early symptoms of tooth decay, gum diseases and several infections. Therefore, oral health requires drinking plenty of water in a day and stay away from alcohol.

Carbonated Drinks

Soft drinks like pop and soda usually drink on several events like friends gathering, or different occasions such as a family celebration dinner, Christmas, etc. But many people among us do not know that these carbonated drinks are fully capable of damaging our teeth. The expert dentist of Ontario, London has a soda can harm your teeth as equal as the cracked cocaine does. Frequent use of soda or other soft drinks enables the plaque to generate more acid to destroy the tooth enamel. Get garage doors in california at radfordgaragedoor.com site. Therefore, if you are drinking soda on a regular basis, you are damaging your oral health. The expert dentist had advised that if you are an addict to the soda or other pop drinks, do not brush your teeth soon after having these drinks.


Ice is a solid form of water. Therefore it is right to chew ice regularly? Most of us think that way. According to the Ontario dentists, chewing ice regularly can damage tooth enamel and might lead to other dental emergencies that include chipped tooth, cracked tooth and loosened crowns. We can use ice for having chill drinks. None of the dental experts has suggested chewing the ice. If you are craving for chewing the ice, go for the chilled water or cold drink to save your teeth.


Who does not like oranges, grapes and lemons? Off Couse everyone in this world loves these tasty and juicy fruits; they are filled with vitamin C. These fruit juices could cause a negative impact on your teeth and lead to eroding the enamel. Even if you are squeezing a lemon or an orange into the water, you increase the quantity of the acids in your drinks. Also, the acid from the citrus can bother an individual to mouth sores. Suppose you are more of a foody and like to have the juice of these fruits. Try your best to have these after frequent intervals and rinse your mouth soon after having these juices.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are the most loved and widely used by the families. These are used as sliders, and individuals like to eat potato chips in cold weather. Unfortunately, we are unaware that these chips are filled with starch, which turns into sugar and stocks between the teeth. The stuck sugar inside the teeth feeds the bacteria inside the plaque. The acid production from the finger chips lingers for a long time inside the mouth. Once you have eaten your favorite fries, do not forget to floss your teeth so that tiny particles could get out of your mouth.

Dry Fruits

We all assume that dry fruits are healthy snacks. Maybe this is true, but several dry fruits such as prunes, figs, apricots, and raisins are sticky. These fruits get sticky and cling inside our teeth, and the crevices of the sticky, dry fruits leave lots of sugar. If you are habitually eating dry fruits, make sure to rinse your mouth so you can get rid of teeth problems. Try your best to leave this habit of eating dry fruits regularly.
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